Do people have time to care?

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Tyze partnered with Vision Critical to find out Tyze was created based on the belief that our relationships with other people are vital to a good life. We wanted to find out more about how much time people have to help out and what they can do to pitch in with care. We partnered with… Read more »

Missing Grandpa: Caring from a Distance

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This story was written by Dr. Kerry Byrne @Kerry_Byrne   A quick Google search about long-distance caregiving yields multiple results. Research studies, practical applied tips and stories from caregivers managing care from a distance abound. These are often geared to the person responsible for providing the most care or most responsible for care of a loved… Read more »

Young leader sets up Tyze networks in community & provides opportunities for peers to contribute

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Jules Andre Brown’s generation has been referred to as Generation We, Global Generation, Generation Next, the Net Generation, Millennials, Generation Y, Echo Boomers, Boomerang Generation and the Peter Pan Generation. Although novelists and sociologists cannot seem to agree on a descriptive title, there is no doubt that this generation has come of age in an era… Read more »

An “Inspired” Partnership

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Tyze is proud to be partnered with Inspire Health, a physician-led non-profit integrative cancer care organization. When Marie was diagnosed with cancer, she went to Inspire Health for support and solutions. It was there that she discovered Tyze.  She was eager to talk with us about her experience using a personal network so far. Marie, a… Read more »

We’re a Private Family, But…

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My family is usually private with a capital P. We keep to ourselves and we’re just not the type to advertise our personal lives. But when my dad was diagnosed with cancer last year—a shocking surprise and initially a very bleak prognosis—we knew  we couldn’t stay so private anymore. To care for him (and ourselves)… Read more »

My Daughter Made Me Do It

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I am what I would like to consider a very active senior. Ok to be honest, I use the term “senior “lightly and with a slightly bad taste in my mouth. I’m in my mid-fifties, I golf or practice most days, hit the gym every second day and I have a thriving creative career I… Read more »

How I use Tyze as a Mum

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My son Leo was born in Florida on January 24th, 2011. I was heading down to Florida for his birth the day before and was feeling pretty overwhelmed and excited.  A very good friend of mine, Cindy, said I might need some additional support during this time, and offered me a network called Tyze. She… Read more »

Our Family, Our Computer – We Innovate!

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  In her latest blog post, author Donna Thomson writes about how she uses Tyze to coordinate care for her son, Nick: “…there IS one social media tool that is essential to Nick’s health and social care.  It’s called Tyze.  Tyze is an online social media platform that is completely private – it even has a… Read more »