Health and Social Care

When people with health challenges have the support of a caring network, they are healthier, happier, and live in their own homes longer. Keeping people out of expensive care settings can have a profound impact on health and social care costs and outcomes. A Tyze network can ensure that the right information is available to patients and their family caregiver at all stages of care transitions, in particular from hospital to home when information needs are high for patients and families. With increasing requirements for services from an aging population, Tyze networks are a solution that can help health and social care providers:
  • Serve more people more efficiently
  • Keep people in their community longer, and
  • Decrease demand on the system
All while being affordable, scalable and easily deployable.

Did you know?

“Technology is a missing link. For most home care programs, there is inconsistent and limited communication among the people involved in a senior’s care.” (Health Council Canada)
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