Employee Wellness

People often balance work, parenting and caring for their own parents to the detriment of their health and other responsibilities. When they’re able to distribute the load, everyone benefits.


  • Worklife Canada estimates the cost of caregiving employees to employers to be $2-$3 billion annually ($1 billion in absenteeism and $1 billion to $2 billion in indirect costs).
  • A MetLife study in 2010 found the cost of informal caregiving in terms of lost productivity to U.S. businesses to be $17.1 to $33 billion annually. (Absenteeism: $5.1 billion, shift from full-time to part-time work: $4.8 billion, replacing employees: $6.6 billion and workday adjustments: $6.3 billion).

Did you know?

70% of caregivers are employed. Employees who use Tyze feel supported and organized. They report less stress, absenteeism and fewer negative health outcomes as well as better overall job satisfaction.
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