Center of Care

Sometimes life gets challenging and you need some extra support. For people who are aging or
facing a chronic condition or disability, this is especially true. The beauty of a network
is that when we care for one another, everyone benefits.

Family Caregiver

If you’re caring for someone, chances are you could use some help. Tyze can help you to
coordinate care, stay organized, share tasks and keep everyone on the same page.

Home and Community Care

You’re great at caring for people. But are you great at connecting with your clients’ family
and close supporters? Tyze can reduce your support costs, improve customer satisfaction and
extend your brand to those closest to your client.

Employee Wellness

Are the people in your workforce pulled in too many directions? Employees often balance
work, parenting and caring for their own parents to the detriment of their health and other
responsibilities. A Tyze network is a lifeline for working adults who are balancing
caregiving, work and parenting.

Health and Social Care

Keeping older adults healthy at home can have a profound impact on healthcare costs and
outcomes. Tyze helps older adults remain in their own homes longer by leveraging the power
of their natural support network.

Policy Makers

Innovative tools are needed to address rising healthcare costs and the increased demands of
an aging population and the family members who provide them care. Tyze networks increase
community capacity, help caregivers share the care and support older adults who want to
remain safe at home.


If you’re caring for a family member, Tyze can make things simpler. Our private online tool
allows you to keep everyone coordinated, organized and on the same page. That’s peace of

Friends and Neighbours

If someone in your life is having a hard time, chances are you’d love to lend a hand. But
maybe you don’t know what’s needed or how to offer without feeling awkward. A Tyze network
takes the guesswork out and puts everyone on the same page.

Business Diagram
Business Diagram

Family Caregiver Center of Care Employer or Insurers Policy Makers Heath & Social Care Home & Community Care Friends



Unlike most online social networks, Tyze personal networks are completely private,
non-searchable and accessed only by people who have been invited to join.


Use a smartphone or tablet to access Tyze anytime, anywhere.


We are absolutely committed to protecting your data. We only partner with top-tier
hosting providers such as IBM who take privacy and data security just as seriously
as we do.


We do not support ads from third party advertisers, or sell your data to anyone,

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