Caring for a family member?

  • Save time quickly and easily build a network for support.
  • Get help. Easily let family and friends know how they can help.
  • Stay connected. Share news. Post stories and photos.
  • Create a private and secure care space.
  • Get organized. Keep track of everything in one place. Appointments, updates, information and documents can be easily posted, stored and accessed.

Why you should create a Care Network

There are more than eight-million Canadians and sixty-five-million Americans providing care to a family member, a friend with a long-term health condition, disabiliy or age-related need.

Informal Caregivers are the unsung heroes of health-care and are an essential part of patients’ wellbeing, complementing the work of health-care professionals and providing countless hours of dedicated service to their family, friends and neighbours.

There are many challenges and barriers caregivers face, and TYZE can be instrumental in helping with the coordination of care among family, friends, neighbours and professionals. Appointments, tasks, reminders, scheduling, timely information sharing – everything to help caregivers share the workload, provide peace of mind and reduce stress for everyone.


spend 40+ hours of
caregiving per week.


are sandwiched juggling the demands of work, caregiving and providing for their own family.


of people ages 40 to 60 are

TYZE for Home and Community Care

Tyze networks can ensure that timely and relevant information is available to patients and their family caregiver during and after care transitions, in particular from hospital to home when information needs are high. With an increasing requirement for services from an aging population, TYZE is a solution that can help health and social care providers:

  • Create private and personal networks for clients
  • Connect directly with clients’ family and close supporters
  • Provide timely updates to everyone in your clients’ trusted support networks
  • Post schedules and securely share daily care documentation
  • Serve more people more efficently
  • Keep people in their community longer
  • Decrease demand on the system

All while being affordable, scalable and easy deployable.

It’s FREE to sign up and create you Care Network   
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