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Tyze was proud to present at the Annual Conference of the American Society on Aging held in San Francisco from April 26-30. This enormous conference spans multiple hotels and draws over 3,000 attendees from across the nation. At the heart of the gathering is a thought-provoking conversation about the future of aging. As a participant, Tyze had the unique opportunity to showcase their exciting social innovation—private, personal online networks that help unite a network of real human support around those facing a life challenge. “It’s incredible to see how many organizations, practitioners and individuals are seeking ways to support aging individuals to live in their own homes; truly staggering actually. We saw tremendous interest in Tyze from everyone from nurse practitioners to doctors specializing in geriatrics, organizations, and researchers,” said Emma Cochrane, Tyze’s presenter and VP of Strategy. Numerous discussions at the event highlighted the fact that nurturing human connections is incredibly important as we age, in terms of both psychological well-being and  health outcomes. Client Services Manager Chantal Fisher remarked that many attendees were excited about the possibilities of using a Tyze personal network in their own life. “People were thrilled learn about how a Tyze network could help support them, their clients and their families to experience full, connected lives.  So many of the people I spoke with could quickly envision someone in their own life that a Tyze network would benefit—be it a child with challenges, an expecting mother or an aged parent—and they were excited at the possibility. This opportunity to showcase Tyze and collaborate with other innovators was inspiring and insightful.” Aging in America is host to over 600 workshops and is the most comprehensive multidisciplinary conference on aging in the world. Tyze Personal Networks provides private, personal, online support networks that help groups of people organize support around anyone experiencing a life challenge.

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