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Social Innovation involves genuinely new ways of approaching a particular social problem. Vickie Cammack’s work with Tyze Personal Networks, does exactly that. Tyze CEO, Vickie Cammack, will share her expertise in using new social technology as a tool to support and re-engage vulnerable members of our society, her first hand experience of the power of individuals within systems to facilitate positive change, and her belief in the need to recognize the potential in connecting informal and formal systems of care. Vickie is a leading Canadian social innovator and SiG@Waterloo is excited to have her as the introductory speaker for 2011 Innovators in Action Speaker Series. Event details are as follows: 2011 “Innovators in Action” Speaker Series April 20th, 2011, 7:00pm The Tannery, 151 Charles Street West, Kitchener, Ontario Click here to register. Learn more about Social Innovation Generation.

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