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In 2011, Adrienne Gruberg ended her role as a caregiver. She had lost two family members to cancer after six years of providing full-time care. Although Adrienne felt alone in her experiences, she knew that she was 1 of 65 million caregivers in the US, who were also feeling unheard.

Turning a Struggle into a Movement

Through her suffering and grief, Adrienne (below) began to envision a way for caregivers to have a voice and support each other. Adrienne found a team to provide the expertise necessary to make her vision turn into reality.

The Caregiver Space was launched as a caregiver-driven community and has been growing exponentially ever since.


Making Caregiving More Manageable

When providing care, it is important to be organized and to feel supported. In order to make your caregiving more manageable, you might find it helpful to create an online support system like Tyze, so that you can coordinate and share the care of your loved one with other important people in your lives. Being able to get help from others can help provide respite.

When you have established a support system, it is important to acknowledge that the reality of a caregiver is difficult for most people to understand. The Caregiver Space helps you connect with other caregivers, so that there is a whole network of folks who hear you, see you, and understand the complex reality and uncertainties faced each day.  


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 The Caregiver Space Needs Your Help

As this thriving community grows, the team at The Caregiver Space has felt the need to find additional sources of support. So far, Adrienne has been keeping things going out of her own pocket. They never want to charge caregivers to use the site but they do need public support until they can secure some larger grants. 

Please donate to the Indegogo campaign for The Caregiver Space

When you donate, you are becoming part of the caregiver-driven movement that is giving a voice to people who often become invisible. Our caregivers deserve all the support they can get. The gift of being heard is one of the most important things we can provide.



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