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February 21, 2013 VANCOUVER, BC – Tyze Personal Networks is one of five innovative programs to receive follow-on funding from the Innovation in Giving Fund, delivered by Nesta, the UK’s innovation foundation. Tyze, an online care collaboration tool focused on reducing isolation, was awarded the funding after a highly successful trial last year. The money will be used to build capacity of the UK team and build new partnerships to make Tyze available across the UK. Tyze enables friends, family, community and professionals to join together to organize support for people with care needs. The product is founded on the belief that we are better together and that no one should face illness or caregiving alone.  “We have been making exciting inroads in the UK and we’re thrilled to be receiving such positive support in this part of the world,” says Tyze CEO Vickie Cammack. “Nesta is a wonderful partner who shares our vision that technology can leverage innovative solutions that result in better health and social outcomes. We see time and again that Tyze helps people rally a personal support network. With the help of their network they’re then able to manage their care, live in their own homes longer, manage and experience a deeper feeling of belonging and connection. Our tool also allows caregivers, friends, families and neighbours, to do what they want to do, which is to connect, care and collaborate.” Nesta Public Services Lab CEO Philip Colligan says that Tyze shows a massive potential for social action: “What we see…is the massive potential for social action – people helping people – to make a difference to really big social challenges. This is what the next chapter of public services reform will be about – better ways of engaging people, their families and communities alongside professionals. Through the Centre for Social Action’s Innovation Fund we want to help make this a reality.” To learn more about Tyze visit or click here to see a video introduction.


Media Contact: Cindy Hughes, Marketing Manager 604.628.9594   Tyze Personal Networks is a social mission business focused on creating pathways for people to care, connect, and contribute. They do this by providing secure, online, private networks of support that strengthen relationships and address isolation. Their primary beneficiaries are people undergoing treatment for critical illness, seniors, and people with disabilities, as well as the home health care, government, and caregiving agencies that provide support for them.

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