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For Immediate Release – Victoria, BC (04/04/2013) – Procura, leading providers in home and community care, announced today that they have entered into a strategic partnership with Tyze Personal Networks, providers of an online community care platform. Partnering with Tyze provides Procura customers with a health information exchange (HIE) tool that centers on the patient, connecting associated family, friends, care givers and care professionals, and organizes support for home and community care clients.

Named one of the “World’s Most Innovative Ageing Products” by the Financial Times, Tyze is a secure and private web-based community network. Tyze was founded on the belief that care providers working closely with family and friends will increase the patient’s quality of care and help them live longer independently at home. This network model of care enhances communications with family caregivers and extends the reach, engagement and value of the provider’s services.

“We strive to provide our customers with first class technology; we believe the unique approach by Tyze addresses the demand and importance of healthcare providers to be client-centric,” says Warren Brown, President of Procura. “Our partnership with Tyze provides our customers and their clients with a leading edge portal solution that focuses on providing quantifiable health and social benefits for home and community care clients.”

Tyze will integrate directly with Procura, giving providers a direct communications channel to the patient’s personal support community (their family, friends and neighbors). Functionality includes viewing and updating provider schedules, storing important information, and acting as a forum for support groups. Additionally, Tyze allows network members to provide help when needed, share discussions and photos, and gain insight into the care the patient is receiving.

“We are very excited to work with Procura. We know when care providers and informal caregivers work together, everyone benefits”, says Richard Osborn, President of Tyze. “Our unique community platform is a proven, cost efficient tool, that enhances communication between the family and providers, helps people stay independent in their home longer and improves satisfaction and retention for Procura’s customers.”


Tyze Personal Networks is a social mission business focused on creating pathways for people to care, connect, and contribute. We provide secure, online, private networks of support that strengthen relationships and enhance care. The primary beneficiaries are people undergoing treatment for critical illness, seniors, people with disabilities, as well as the home health care, government, and caregiving agencies that provide support to them.

To learn more about Tyze, please contact James Watson at 1.888.517.8993 or visit


Procura is the post-acute software vendor of choice for home, community and aged care organizations across North America and Australia. Over 12,600 users at more than 600 customer sites use Procura to manage over 100,000 employees. Our customers include four of the five largest national providers of care in Canada, Kaiser Permanente and Interim HealthCare in the U.S.A. and the four largest providers of care in Australia. Procura is headquartered in Victoria, BC and has offices in Chicago, IL, Boca Raton, FL, and Toowong, QLD.

Procura provides a fully integrated back office, clinical and mobility solution that decreases costs, and enables your organization to improve the quality of care. Our workforce management tools, clinical content and business intelligence provide efficiencies and controls that will help you drive your organization towards stability and growth.

For more information about Procura, please contact Carl Queton at 1.877.776.2872 or visit our website at


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