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Tyze is proud to be partnered with Inspire Health, a physician-led non-profit integrative cancer care organization. When Marie was diagnosed with cancer, she went to Inspire Health for support and solutions. It was there that she discovered Tyze.  She was eager to talk with us about her experience using a personal network so far. Marie, a single mom of 12-year-old twins, grew up in Switzerland and moved to Vancouver to pursue her degree in psychology. Today she’s a counselor who focuses on helping others, staying active and pursuing physical activities like skiing, surfing and daily yoga. Marie was diagnosed with breast cancer seven years ago and is on a continual journey toward health. Marie was introduced to the concept of a Tyze network through Inspire Health, and she was eager to answer some questions about her experience using it so far.

CH: How has Tyze helped you?

M: Without Tyze I wouldn’t have anywhere near the support that I’m now fortunate to have. I’m not always very good at asking for help but with Tyze it’s been so much easier. It’s a very different thing when you have to pick up the phone all the time and if I didn’t have Tyze I wouldn’t really just call people to ask for help. Now getting that support is much easier – people can come on to the network, see what’s needed and offer. 

CH: What’s been most meaningful about using Tyze?

M: I think using Tyze has been meaningful in a few ways—to me, to my friends and to my family in Switzerland. First, for me, I know that the important people in my life know what’s going on but I don’t have to be calling non-stop and giving information. My kids and I also feel supported and know I’m not alone.  For my friends, it’s been meaningful because it lets them feel connected and highlights that there are things they can do. When there’s a health issue people can tend to get really scared—almost more scared than the person who’s sick—they don’t know what to do, what to say or how to be helpful but not a bother. But because of Tyze my friends can get together, talk about things and feel that they could be active without being intrusive. And finally, for my family in Switzerland who can’t be here but really wish they can, Tyze offers a way to be there for me from a distance. They can log on and see that things are happening and that I have support.

Would you recommend someone in your shoes start their own network?

M: I would, absolutely. Anybody going through any type of health journey should use Tyze. It’s really a lifeline. I’m a single mom and my twins are 12, so it’s not like I have teenagers who can take over and do stuff. I know that I’m not the only one in this kind of situation who is alone – so yes, having Tyze is a lifeline. Even if you are capable of dealing with your health challenge alone—I  could probably do everything on my own if I was pushing myself hard—knowing I have support has really changed absolutely everything. People have the tendency to feel very lonely. We can forget that we are loved. And a lot of people don’t know how to express their love—Tyze gives them an opportunity here. Caring is a way for them to demonstrate how they feel and Tyze makes caring practical and easy. It’s that connection. It does make a difference. I’m so grateful for what you guys are doing.

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