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New File Drop feature makes it easy for you to invite your doctor, physio and others to put your exercise regimen, medication reminders and more, right inside your Tyze network. What is the File Drop? An easy way for people who aren’t members of your Tyze network to send you the information you need to manage your care. Maybe your physiotherapist wants to share some exercise routines or your doctor needs you to save some details about a medication you’re taking—whatever the case, now he or she can send you secure files via the Tyze File Drop. How do I invite someone to send me a file? Click on Administer Network within and then select File Drop link to start inviting contributors. How does File Drop work? File Drop allows people outside a Tyze network to securely drop files into your network. Is File Drop private and secure? Yes. Your Network Administrator can invite someone to contribute a file through File Drop and also manage all of your approved contributors. When a file is uploaded the Network Administrator must approve it before it is sent into the Vault. Only those who have Vault permission are able to access it. What happens when a file is sent via File Drop? When the file is sent, it goes into the File Drop management area (located in the Administer Network panel). Once it’s approved by a Network Administrator, it goes into the Vault. Only those who have access to the Vault will be able to see the file.

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