Tyze Founder honored with Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal

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Tyze Founder and CEO Vickie Cammack was honored with the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal last night. The award recognizes Vickie’s contribution championing social networks and social innovation in support of caregivers across Canada, and for her work developing Tyze Personal Networks. Vickie was among 30 leaders in home and community care to receive… Read more »

We’re a Private Family, But…

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My family is usually private with a capital P. We keep to ourselves and we’re just not the type to advertise our personal lives. But when my dad was diagnosed with cancer last year—a shocking surprise and initially a very bleak prognosis—we knew  we couldn’t stay so private anymore. To care for him (and ourselves)… Read more »

Finding Balance in the Space Between

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I am six years old. Beaver Lake in Stanley Park is frozen solid and my thin legs stand rigid for the first time in unforgiving, gleaming white skates. The ice is uneven. The small cracks and twigs poking out of the ice terrify me. I become frozen in place as the cocky boys with hockey… Read more »

Fastening it all Together

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When my Dad and his brother were young, they had (what seemed to me, many years later) a huge Meccano construction set. My own brother and I were in awe of it, even though it had grown a little corroded when it became our turn to play with it. Housed in a big old wooden… Read more »

My Daughter Made Me Do It

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I am what I would like to consider a very active senior. Ok to be honest, I use the term “senior “lightly and with a slightly bad taste in my mouth. I’m in my mid-fifties, I golf or practice most days, hit the gym every second day and I have a thriving creative career I… Read more »

Tell Me A Story?

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“When Stories Nestle in the Body, Soul Comes Forth.” Deena Metzger A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the art of giving and receiving as one of the central tenants of a strong and healthy social (or personal) network. With the passing of Fathers Day last weekend, I was reminded about the many different ways… Read more »

How I use Tyze as a Mum

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My son Leo was born in Florida on January 24th, 2011. I was heading down to Florida for his birth the day before and was feeling pretty overwhelmed and excited.  A very good friend of mine, Cindy, said I might need some additional support during this time, and offered me a network called Tyze. She… Read more »

John, Matthew and Nancy Share Their Tyze Stories

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In this video three Tyze users, John, Matthew and Nancy, share their different experiences using Tyze. “Different things about Tyze grab people in different ways,” says John. “It is entirely legitimate using it whatever way fits your particular circumstances.” Tyze helped John care for his elderly father who lived Scotland. Matthew uses Tyze to coordinate… Read more »