Tyze in London: Nicholas’s Story

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  Nicholas has a vibrant life in London where he’s studying Information and Communication Technologies at the Open University, and exploring the opportunity to build a business as an eBay seller. Nicholas has severe Cerebral Palsy and requires 24-hour care, but despite being largely bed-ridden with chronic pain he lives an extraordinarily rich life. With… Read more »

Why I Need Community

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  I grew up carefully tended by my family. I had friends in the neighborhood and at Our Lady of Grace Church and school. In this community, I always felt valuable and wanted. It wasn’t so easy as I grew older. The left side of my face bulges with purple veins from a birth difference…. Read more »

Ken & Jean, A Tyze Story

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One of PLAN’s most treasured networks belonged to Ken, a man in his 40’s who lived in a group home in Vancouver. Ken was supported by an organization, as well as by his mother, brother and a few close friends. It was Ken’s mother, Jean, who with the support of a connector first set up… Read more »

Inspiration is All Around Us

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“Eleven,” Julia said to herself, “I am only eleven. What am I doing at this ‘grown-up’ meeting?” Julia knew she had been useful in setting the room up for Carl’s first network meeting. She had directed the arranging of the chairs and made sure the placement of the chips, vegetables and dips was just so…. Read more »

Facilitating Communication with Tyze

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  A person who is vulnerable, isolated, ill, or experiencing one of life’s challenges can benefit both physically and emotionally from the support of a strong network. All involved – the individual, friends, family, caregivers and supporting organizations – have the same goal: for the person to live in an optimal situation, make authentic choices,… Read more »

Martha Has Not Left the Neighbourhood

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The shades of the small room with the parking lot view were drawn and the stale air of the nursing home stopped me in my tracks at the doorway. I looked at the familiar knickknacks that godmother Martha has chosen to surround herself with here in what is sure to be the last place she… Read more »

Online Embrace

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  Among other things, I’m a media critic. For more than 15 years, I’ve practically made a living out of warning people about the perils of commercial media. In books and speeches, in columns and workshops, I’ve shared research about the negative social impacts of fashion magazines (body image and self esteem problems in women),… Read more »

Better Together: Online Social Networks and Inclusion

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  It’s 2009 and technology and social media are around every corner. As we read the news and talk to our friends, it seems as though everyone is sending email, checking Facebook, watching videos on YouTube and even blogging. Well, not everyone. While the majority of Canadians (a whopping 70%) are using Facebook, and 58%… Read more »