The Art of Asking

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It isn’t easy to ask. It’s important to remember, however, that there is honour in asking. Asking people to participate in a Tyze network tells them that you value them. In addition, asking opens the door to a multitude of benefits – not just for the person at the centre but for the network members… Read more »

Warming Hearts Across The Distance

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“We’re planning to move to Nanaimo.” As the words left Scott’s mouth I could feel my heart sink. Scott has been a valuable resource in my son Josh’s life for the past three years. Scott is one of those amazing caregivers who bring both skill and heart to the job. Whenever Scott was scheduled to… Read more »

Who We Really Are

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  Perhaps we cannot raise the winds. But each of can put up a sail so that when the wind comes we can catch it. -E.F. Schumacher As I sit shivering in a cold hockey rink for my son’s pre dawn hockey practice a stranger sits down and hands me a steaming cup of coffee…. Read more »

Toronto Star profiles ‘The Tyze that Bind.’

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In the days before Charles McCulloch went into hospital last December – for what would be the final time – it seemed as if there was a crowd stationed in the living room of his Scottish home. They were only there virtually, linked by a novel online network called Tyze, which allows seniors and family,… Read more »

VIDEO: The Power of Belonging

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In a recent speech for Global Civic Society, PLAN co founder and Tyze Advisor Al Etmanski, spoke about the catalytic social effect individuals with disabilities can have. Etmanski sees people with disabilities as social agents: opening us up, revealing our kindness and slowing us down. Al names Tyze as one way to promote everyone’s contributions…. Read more »

Tyze advisor and network member authors “The Four Walls of My Freedom” to international acclaim.

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    Donna Thomson, wife of the Canadian high commissioner to Britain and disability-rights pot-stirrer, leads the way up a grand staircase at her official London residence and leaves one life for another. Below, in the tasteful maple-syrup decor of the reception rooms, she and her husband, James Wright, entertain world leaders, business tycoons and,… Read more »

Friends Of A Feather

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It was early December when Joan, a quiet gracious woman with a passion for bird watching, was rushed to hospital with necrotizing fasciitis, the life-threatening illness commonly called flesh eating disease. “At the beginning it was urgent and scary,” one friend recalls, “and there were lots of people who wanted to be kept in the… Read more »

Bridging the Miles

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  Charles was eighty-seven when his health took a turn: it started with congestive heart failure, then circulation problems. He had a few falls and became increasingly forgetful. His children visited as often as they could and called regularly, but they were worried. It was his son John who suggested setting up a Tyze network… Read more »