Social Media Tool Helps a Mother Fight Cancer

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This week a young woman caring for a mother with cancer submitted an inspiring personal story to the Vancouver Observer, where it immediately hit the front page. To read Christabel’s article about using social media to help her mom fight cancer, click here.

Steps on the Journey

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How a daughter coordinates care online Christabel Shaler recently graduated from the University of British Columbia and landed a dream job. She’s bright, she’s driven and she’s facing a world of opportunity. And, her mom is sick.

Meet Master Facilitator Marie Jobling

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“Building community and really strengthening relationships is something that takes time. It’s like yeast; you mix everything together but it takes time to rise.” Marie Jobling has dedicated her life to planting seeds of community around those who are vulnerable and she’s very, very good at it. On any typical fog-filled day in San Francisco,… Read more »

Ana’s Story

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“Once you have friends on Tyze, you have a healing circle” It’s hard to imagine recovering from a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). But doing so with very little social support is almost unthinkable. Such a challenge would leave most of us extremely vulnerable and fragile. This story is about Ana, and her journey of incredible… Read more »

Tyze Welcomes BCPA

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Did you know that there are approximately 10,000 people living with a spinal cord injury in BC today? A spinal cord injury impacts every aspect of day-to-day life, from emotional and physical well-being to community participation. The road to recovery is long and challenging, but BCPA is there to help people adjust, adapt and thrive…. Read more »

Tyze CEO presenting at 2011 “Innovators in Action” in Kitchener

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Social Innovation involves genuinely new ways of approaching a particular social problem. Vickie Cammack’s work with Tyze Personal Networks, does exactly that. Tyze CEO, Vickie Cammack, will share her expertise in using new social technology as a tool to support and re-engage vulnerable members of our society, her first hand experience of the power of… Read more »

Maggie’s Story

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Maggie MacKay is a busy young girl who loves to do school work, play with her friends, attend Girl Guides meetings, ride her bike, surf the web, dance, and play with her pet cat Sarie – a full itinerary for a girl of just 13. Within the myriad of activities in her life, Maggie’s Tyze… Read more »

Belonging Fund launches

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Tyze partners with The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation **Launched in December 2010, there are still spots available!** In order to combat the damaging effects of isolation on Canadians, The Belonging Fund has been created to make Tyze Personal Networks available to those with disabilities or chronic illness, and caregivers. Working with Canadian charitable organizations, The… Read more »

Surrey MLA expresses the heart of Tyze

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At Tyze, we believe that the opportunity to live a good life means being able to contribute, and having access to support. Without contribution we could never share our lives with others. Without support we would be left without help when we most need it. These two things are so precious to our lives that… Read more »