The Art of Giving and Receiving

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Have you received support lately—a hug, a favour, a kind word? How did it feel? And how does it feel when you give support to someone else? As social creatures we are hardwired to feel good when we give to others. In turn, the experience of receiving increases our likelihood of repeating the action ourselves—we’re… Read more »

How I use Tyze as a Mum

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My son Leo was born in Florida on January 24th, 2011. I was heading down to Florida for his birth the day before and was feeling pretty overwhelmed and excited.  A very good friend of mine, Cindy, said I might need some additional support during this time, and offered me a network called Tyze. She… Read more »

Our Family, Our Computer – We Innovate!

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  In her latest blog post, author Donna Thomson writes about how she uses Tyze to coordinate care for her son, Nick: “…there IS one social media tool that is essential to Nick’s health and social care.  It’s called Tyze.  Tyze is an online social media platform that is completely private – it even has a… Read more »

John, Matthew and Nancy Share Their Tyze Stories

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In this video three Tyze users, John, Matthew and Nancy, share their different experiences using Tyze. “Different things about Tyze grab people in different ways,” says John. “It is entirely legitimate using it whatever way fits your particular circumstances.” Tyze helped John care for his elderly father who lived Scotland. Matthew uses Tyze to coordinate… Read more »

Tyze on the Radio

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On a recent episode of Dr. Gordon Atherly’s radio show, Family Caregivers Unite! Tyze CEO Vickie Cammack discussed the power and potential of personal online networks. Questions about the role of networks in supporting family caregivers were addressed as well as was how to respect caregivers as a rich source of information, innovation and expertise…. Read more »

It Takes a Village

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(And a Computer And a Horse) You know, perspective is a funny thing. The view is much clearer when you’re on Fresco, a gigantic draft horse wearing nothing but a thick pad with handles. From up there, you can see far and wide. You’re alive too—caught up in a jumble of movement, muscles and horse… Read more »

The Ancient Art of Hospitality

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Hospitality transforms work into life. – Jacques Dufresne A winding path leads to Lyn’s brightly painted front door. The bell is barely rung and there she is, eyes twinkling, smile beaming, extending her hand in welcome. ‘How lovely to see you,’ Lyn says in her low, genteel voice. She takes my coat while asking how… Read more »

5 Tips for using Tyze during the Holidays

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More than any other time of the year, Christmas is a time for contribution, love and the spirit of connection. Here are five tips for using Tyze to enrich the time you spend with your family and friends this season. 1. This Christmas, invite someone new to join your network. Asking a friend or neighbour… Read more »