Policy Makers

Innovative tools are needed to address rising healthcare costs and the increased demands of an aging population and the family members who care for them. Tyze networks increase community capacity, help caregivers share the care and support older adults who want to remain safe and cared for at home. Older adults often want to stay home, yet end up in formal care settings because:
  • They lack practical and logistical, social and emotional support
  • Their family caregiver is burned out and can no longer provide care
Technology enabled solutions that are affordable, scalable, and that integrate with existing information and management systems are needed. Tyze provides a technology-enabled solution that is:
  • Affordable
  • Scaleable
  • Accessible to underserved, vulnerable populations
  • Impactful


“A burned-out caregiver cannot help anyone. He or she may become another person for the system to support, and without the extensive involvement of a primary caregiver, the home care recipient will need to move into a long-term care facility sooner.” (Health Council Canada)
The average cost of a hospital stay in Canada is over $7,000. In the US the typical hospital stay rings in at over $15,000. Keeping people safe at home benefits us all.

Source: Canadian Institute for Health Information and International Federation of Health Plans

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