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Increasingly, our relationships with family members happen at a distance. While I live in Canada, my parents and sister are in Melbourne, Australia and my brother and his family in Sydney, Australia. I have aunts, uncles and cousins across Canada and in the UK. We are a widely dispersed bunch and I would not, except for my parents, siblings, and me, call us close. Read more »

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Have you received support lately—a hug, a favour, a kind word? How did it feel? And how does it feel when you give support to someone else? As social creatures we are hardwired to feel good when we give to others. In turn, the experience of receiving increases our likelihood of repeating the action ourselves—we’re more inclined to give when we have received and the cycle is self perpetuating. The idea behind a personal network is that it’s personal – it’s about you, the people around you and the care and support that you share. A central feature of strong healthy networks and community belonging is reciprocity – the cycle of giving and receiving. An effective network of support can help us heal faster and get sick less often. Read more »

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Last week was Family Caregiver Week which inspired us to launch a special contest to celebrate all the amazing caregivers we all know and love. You could win a $100 Skoah gift certificate for your favourite caregiver (maybe it’s you?) by telling us how you “Share the Care”. Simply share a tip to show how you care for your loved ones. Could be a tried and true recipe, song to sing along to, fun family outing… you tell us! Bonus: you also win a lifetime Tyze Personal Network membership! Rules & Entry Guidelines: – Entrants must be Canadian residents 19+ – Enter via email: Send your tip to – Enter via Twitter: Tweet your tip to @tyzenetworks along with hashtag #sharethecare – Participants can enter an unlimited number of times via Twitter, and enter once every 24hrs via email – Contest runs from May 14, 2012 to May 31st, 2012 at 11:55 pm – One winner will be selected and announced after June 1st, 2012

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My son Leo was born in Florida on January 24th, 2011. I was heading down to Florida for his birth the day before and was feeling pretty overwhelmed and excited.  A very good friend of mine, Cindy, said I might need some additional support during this time, and offered me a network called Tyze. She said it would help me connect with my family and friends in a dynamic yet private way. “Cool,” I thought, “sign me up!” Lots of people wanted to know what was happening—where I was and how things were going with this new babe.  I was pretty sure I’d be really busy being a new mom and the idea of creating and recreating emails and information to let people know what was happening would take a lot of time.  So, the “Mary’s Going to Be A Mom” Tyze website was born. What a godsend it was!! Leo’s birth was an intense, emotional time. Using Tyze helped me feel the extra support during a tumultuous time. I could let everyone knew when he was born, how we were doing and what was happening as we waited for Leo’s birth mom to sign off on his papers. It only took one Tyze message to let everyone know when we were finally on our way home. Read more »

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  Tyze CEO Vickie Cammack and her husband Al Etmanski will be honoured among the recipients of this year’s BC Community Achievement Awards, established to recognize and celebrate the spirit, imagination, dedication and contribution of British Columbians to their communities. An independent advisory council selects the recipients of the British Columbia Community Achievement Awards and this year’s council is made up of Mayor Larry Cross of Sidney, Mayor Mary Sjostrom of Quesnel, and past recipients Marlene Grinnell of Langley (2006), Patrick Kelly of Victoria (2009) and Jane Frost of Vancouver (2006).  Read more »

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  In her latest blog post, author Donna Thomson writes about how she uses Tyze to coordinate care for her son, Nick: “…there IS one social media tool that is essential to Nick’s health and social care.  It’s called Tyze.  Tyze is an online social media platform that is completely private – it even has a vault to securely store sensitive medical documents.  It’s a kind of highly specialized version of Facebook, but with a purpose of serving a vulnerable person at its centre.  The most unique aspect of Tyze is that it bridges formal supports (doctors, therapists) with informal supports (family, close friends).” read more here

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In this video three Tyze users, John, Matthew and Nancy, share their different experiences using Tyze. “Different things about Tyze grab people in different ways,” says John. “It is entirely legitimate using it whatever way fits your particular circumstances.” Tyze helped John care for his elderly father who lived Scotland. Matthew uses Tyze to coordinate care for his son. Nancy created her own network to help her regularly communicate to her loved ones. If you’re a new Tyze network member or you are thinking about starting a network yourself, this video will give you some great insight on how other people use their networks.

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Wikipedia defines an electric health record (EHR) as: “An evolving concept defined as a systematic collection of electronic health information about individual patients or populations. It is a record in digital format that is theoretically capable of being shared across different health care settings.” The power and potential of EHRs has yet to be fully tapped, but expect to see a lot of movement in this space over the next few years. Tyze’s Project Manager, Mona Mok, recently attended a seminar discussing the future of Electronic Health Records (EHR). She shares some of her observations in this blog post. Read more »