Online Embrace

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  Among other things, I’m a media critic. For more than 15 years, I’ve practically made a living out of warning people about the perils of commercial media. In books and speeches, in columns and workshops, I’ve shared research about the negative social impacts of fashion magazines (body image and self esteem problems in women),… Read more »

Better Together: Online Social Networks and Inclusion

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  It’s 2009 and technology and social media are around every corner. As we read the news and talk to our friends, it seems as though everyone is sending email, checking Facebook, watching videos on YouTube and even blogging. Well, not everyone. While the majority of Canadians (a whopping 70%) are using Facebook, and 58%… Read more »

Goodnight Irene

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Irene is a willowy, no nonsense sort of Brit. A few years back, as she and her husband were about to enter their early retirement years, he passed away suddenly. Ireneʼs life changed radically. She found the nights the hardest. She was forced to make some tough decisions that included moving to an apartment. She… Read more »

Social Isolation Kills, But How and Why?

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  Social isolation has been shown repeatedly to prospectively predict mortality and serious morbidity both in general population samples and in individuals with established morbidity, especially coronary heart disease. The magnitude of risk associated with social isolation is comparable with that of cigarette smoking and other major biomedical and psychosocial risk factors. However, our understanding… Read more »