I am a sandwich caregiver and I am not alone

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This post was written by Donna Thomson There’s an exit called Anderson Road on Highway 417 that runs between Ottawa and Montreal. I know that exit well, because it’s the shortcut between my son’s care home on the outskirts of Ottawa and my Mother’s senior’s residence in the West Island of Montreal. I am a… Read more »

The Right to BE a Caregiver

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It was a drizzly Vancouver BC day in early 2012 when I first met Vickie Cammack. We sat in a cozy coffee shop and discussed my new role caring for my mother. Vickie has many years of personal and professional experience with caregiving. She helped me to understand and value my new role during a… Read more »

A non-verbal language of shared humanity

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  This post was originally written by Donna Thomson in The Caregiver’s Living Room   The Lessons I Have Learned in My Life of Caregiving For some reason, last night our alarm rang at 4am. My husband quietly cursed and fumbled to turn it off. We both lay awake after that and quite soon, I… Read more »

The Caregiver Space: A Place to Feel Heard

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In 2011, Adrienne Gruberg ended her role as a caregiver. She had lost two family members to cancer after six years of providing full-time care. Although Adrienne felt alone in her experiences, she knew that she was 1 of 65 million caregivers in the US, who were also feeling unheard. Turning a Struggle into a… Read more »